5 ways to add little touches of luxury to your home

5 ways to add little touches of luxury to your home

Fall in love with your home all over again by adding some finishing touches that bring everything together beautifully

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to interior design. Some of us prefer a traditional style while others like things to be sleek and modern, but whatever your personal taste, we can all agree that a bit of luxury never goes out of style.

It’s also true that the right home décor can completely transform your home, and the same goes for luxury, no matter what kind of home you’re dealing with. Here are 5 ways to cheat the system and create a luxury feel in your home without breaking the bank.

Find your perfect colour palette

Cohesion is the key to luxury, as mix and match often risks looking slapdash. So when choosing all the different factors of your interior design – including the sofa, cushions, rug and artworks – make sure there is a common element between them which brings the space together in harmony. This may be a colour, material or simply a style, like choosing furnishings with metallic detailing or botanical prints. Committing to a more unified palette makes your interior design appear more deliberate, and therefore more confident. And there is nothing as chic as having a clear approach when it comes to design.

Purchase frames in bulk

Art is the perfect way to spruce up any space, because it instantly adds interest, a homey quality and – crucially – luxury. From wall art and hanging prints to patterned rugs and ornaments, introducing any kind of artwork into your home makes the overall design feel more intentional and personal. Yet there is something truly luxurious about framed pieces.

Having plenty of frames to hand means that even museum postcards, photobooth strips and children’s paint efforts can be made into attractive additions to your interior design. The other benefit to buying lots of frames is that you can chop and change your artwork to freshen up your home whenever you choose.

Fill your home with fascinating finds…

Luxury is all about interest, and one way to do this is to make sure your home is full of interesting items that mean something to you. Try grouping a few small knick-knacks together for an attractive display, finding common factors to link them together like a colour or theme.

…but go minimalist

Filling your home with interest items doesn’t mean cramming as much stuff as possible into every room. In fact, it’s all about choosing only the very best, and this works nicely alongside minimalism. Choosing only quality items to exist in your home creates a clean, crisp environment reminiscent of luxury hotels, and allows you to choose your decor carefully and deliberately. Ask yourself: what will this piece of furniture bring to my home?

Be deliberate with every design aspect

You may notice the words ‘deliberate’ and ‘intentional’ sprinkled throughout this article, and with good reason. Because in many ways, filling your home with luxury simply means having the luxury to decorate your home exactly as you want to. If you can choose a few staple pieces, and swap out elements like art and ornaments every so often to keep things fresh, then you’ll have no trouble creating the illusion of a truly luxurious home.

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