5 Summer Decor Switch-ups

5 Summer Decor Switch-ups


Whether you’ve just moved into a luxurious new-build apartment or just want to add a touch of seasonal decor to your current home, now is a great time to freshen things up with these interior design switch-ups.


Bright whites 

Nothing makes a room feel light and ready for summer quite like white linens. From bedsheets to curtains and drapes, framing your spaces with fabric that won’t stifle the sun’s rays is a great way to give any living space a lift.

While white may sometimes seem like a dull or unimaginative option, it can actually be incredibly sophisticated and add a sense of calm to the home. Just remember to carefully choose your accent colours to complement bright whites – perhaps a silver mirror or an ornate picture frame could do the trick. 


Pile on the cushions

Layered fabrics and cushions continue to be a huge trend this summer. Cushions can be much more than a place to rest your head in the home. They are an essential for any interior designer and can make a nook or window seat a more cosy and inviting place to perch. Don’t be afraid to build up your cushions in layers and contrast patterns to create a patchwork effect. Mixing and matching colours can be a fun way to add intrigue to light, airy spaces.

If you’ve still got your thick winter blanket resting on the back of a chair, switch it out in favour of a bright cushion.


Fire up

If you have the space in your garden, a fire pit is the perfect addition for the summer social season. Whether you have a barbecue planned with family or a garden party with friends, a fire pit can keep you and your guests cosy at night and feed your guests during the day. With a range of affordable options on the high street and online, starting from around £20 pounds there is no easier way to warm up a social occasion. If you are feeling crafty there are plenty of DIY versions for you to make at home. All you will require for a basic fire pit are bricks layered in a circle to contain your fuel.


Tropical touches

It is not surprising once the summer season begins, exotic patterns peak in popularity. With plenty of products available, there are a whole range of tropical accents to invite into your home. Whether that be brightly printed bedding, cushion covers or paintings to frame – it is not hard to make your apartment feel that little bit more glamorous.

If you feel like embracing a few tropical touches, the inclusion of exotic houseplants is a more subtle way of following the trend. One particularly stunning plant to try is the flaming sword plant – with its beautiful red flowers. And, of course, a palm tree is the surest way to bring a touch of the Caribbean into your luxury apartment.


5) Nautical necessities

There is no shortage of inspiration to be taken from the beach houses of luxury holiday estates around the globe. Among the most popular elements included in many interior designs for 2016 is the nautical theme. This trend is perfect for DIY enthusiasts as there are many little touches that can be added with just a few bits of material and a flair for arts and crafts.

Adding shells, sand and pebbles to a glass bowl filled with tea lights is an easy and cheap centrepiece solution this summer. And gluing rope around a plain circular mirror is an easy way to add a little charm. Similarly, making a feature of pieces of driftwood on a mantelpiece or side table can add a rustic texture.

If you feel like adding some summery touches to your home, consider some of the design trends popular amongst designers and online enthusiasts – these inexpensive switch-ups  can make your home a summertime haven.

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