5 Pinterest ideas we can’t wait to try out

5 Pinterest ideas we can’t wait to try out


The online mood board Pinterest is jam-packed full of interior design inspiration and DIY tips to make your new-build apartment the perfect haven. The best thing about it is, Pinterest proves that you do not have to spend a small fortune on furniture or accessories to create a truly stunning home. With Pinterest as your design guru, your new-build apartment needn’t be boring or expensively furnished.


Here are just a few home décor tips we have learnt from scanning Pinterest’s many, many, many pin boards.


Foraged wood

Finding beautiful driftwood and foraged branches is the cheapest, not to mention most enjoyable, way to create stunning home accessories. Naturally distressed branches and wood can form enchanting tea light holders, coat racks and jewellery stands. The only limit here is your imagination when it comes to recycled foraged wood.

With the right knowledge, skill and a bit of Googling, you can turn a forgotten piece of woodland into the perfect design feature for your home. A fallen branch or sapling can form the basis for a beautiful hand rail that will really get visitors talking.


Clash of the patterns

Never fear clashes of colour or patterns. Be brave and mix and match fabrics – the more the better. Adding a range of textures and colour to your home can add intrigue, particularly in new-builds where the original colour palette is typically neutral and waiting for you to stamp your own personality on it. Mixing vibrant throw pillows, patterned blankets and colourful bedding looks absolutely stunning when coupled with minimalist décor. Let your fabrics do the talking, and switch them up with the seasons to keep your new-build apartment looking fresh with each season.


Believe in fairy lights and magic mirrors

Fairy lights aren’t just made for children and Christmas trees. When incorporated correctly, they can really change up the ambience in an apartment space – be it a cosy reading nook or bedroom environment. Battery operated fairy lights tangled up into a mason jar or vase is the perfect way to create cost effective mood lighting. Wind them around plant stands and amongst collections of ferns and ivy to create a magical little design feature for your living room or bedroom.

Pinterest has also taught us that playing with mirrors and their reflections can make compact apartments feel much more light and spacious. Think outside the box and place them in the heart of the fireplace or an appropriate alcove. Even hanging mirrors on the back of doors or using them as quirky little centre pieces for your dining table can play with space and light in interesting ways.


Power plants

Too many houseplants? There’s no such thing. After a hard week at work in the city, it is important to come home to a haven where you can relax and unwind away from all those stresses and strains. A home full of houseplants can not only reduce anxiety but improve wellbeing. They also have the added benefit of purifying the air making for a fresh smelling, toxin free home. Check out our article “Bring your home to life with houseplants” for more on this.

It’s not all about the greenery, though. Fill your balcony or windowsills with pots in an assortment of finishes - from terracotta, glass and metal and this can go a long way towards achieving the right kind of tranquil atmosphere.

Pinterest has taught us that less is not always more in a minimalist new build home. With clean white walls and neutral floors, cushions, houseplants and mirrors are all things that can brighten your home and add a sense of playfulness when used in abundance.

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