15 unusual ways to jazz up your bathroom

15 unusual ways to jazz up your bathroom

Your bathroom should be pretty as well as practical…

The bathroom is the one room in an apartment that often gets forgotten. When it comes to décor, the bathroom can get neglected and as consequence be left looking drab and boring.

But it’s important to show your bathroom some love. This is your sanctuary from the rest of the world, the place where you can run yourself a deep bath or a hot shower and really unwind.

Make your bathroom an exciting place to spend time using ideas you’ve never even thought of before. These 15 unique and unusual design touches will take your bathroom from drab to fab in simple, cost-effective ways that add a touch of luxury.



Spotlighting is the perfect way to add some drama into your bathroom. Creating discs of light can soften the overall lighting of the room, making it feel more relaxing and intimate. Spotlighting works particularly well if you position the lights over bathroom units like your bath or the sink and mirror.

Lights can play a huge part in how a room feels. If spotlighting doesn’t work for you, try positioning fairy lights over the bath instead for a mystical ambience.


Neon pipes

Some bathrooms have their pipes and plumbing on display, which can be irritating if you’re trying to create the effect of a relaxing haven. Unfortunately, there’s very little you can do about exposed pipes behind the sink or toilet… except turn them into a feature!

Simply painting your pipes a bright, neon colour makes them stand out for all the right reasons. It stops them looking messy and instead creates a fresh, fun feature that’s totally unique.


Create a collage

Hanging framed pictures on the wall is a simple, classic way to liven up any room, but why not take it one step further?

Create a collage of small framed artworks to fill up an empty bathroom wall. It might sound odd, but the effect is an instant point of interest which makes your bathroom much more exciting. You can go for classic dark wood frames or bright, colourful ones depending on the look you’re going for.


Toiletries on display

No, we’re not talking about bleach and toilet roll! The bathroom is often home to more products, bottles and tubs than any other room in an apartment, so why not put them on display? Invest in some nice toiletries like shower gels, body scrubs, face masks and cleansers and then use them to decorate your bathroom.

Displaying your toiletries in an attractive way – maybe along the side of the bath, or artfully around the sink – is an easy way to banish the curse of the boring bathroom.


Classy chandelier

Who says bathrooms can’t be elegant? If your bath is your pride and joy, you should let it shine. Hanging a chandelier over your bath will act as a feature itself and turn your bath into more of a feature too. It’s a guaranteed way of making your bathroom feel like a room you want to relax in and match the luxury of the rest of your new-build apartment.


Collect oddities

The easiest way to jazz up your bathroom is to find lots of attractive things to display inside it. Like we said, these can be your toiletries, but they can also be knick-knacks and oddities which, together, make for a pretty collection.

By oddities we mean anything that takes your fancy. From souvenirs to shells to candles to pictures, it all depends on what looks good together and what suits your taste.


Mirror medley

Why have one mirror when you can have five? Like the picture collage, it sounds strange in theory, but a medley of mirrors of all different shapes hanging together creates a quirky, eye-catching effect that really works.


Feature wall

For a lot of us, the phrase ‘feature wall’ makes us think of one wall painted a different colour to the rest, but that’s just not unique enough for this list! Take it one step further by having one wall really stand out. Have a scene painted on it, or a phrase which really speaks to you. You could even have one wall devoted entirely to a mural of tiles.


The power of plants

If in doubt – plants! Greenery and nature are a sure-fire way to make a room look fresher, brighter and more attractive.

Let your imagination run wild with this one. You could go for something simple like potted plants along the windowsill, or go out there with hanging leaves or exotic flowers – whatever makes you fall in love with your bathroom.


Chalkboard wall

If you’re worried you might get bored of a feature wall, why not go for a wall which you can design again and again? You can now get wallpaper which acts in the same way as a chalkboard, meaning you can design, doodle, scribble and sketch to your heart’s content! Now that’s a feature wall you’ll love, especially if there are kids around or if you’re the creative type.


Stick to a theme

One way to avoid a boring bathroom is to decorate it with a theme in mind. This can be anything from nautical to Victorian, and will help fill your mind with ideas on décor, colour scheme and pictures to make your bathroom stand out.


Essentials as features

Like your toiletries, there are some things like bathmats and towels that a bathroom can’t function without, so why not turn them into part of the décor?

These soft furnishings can be used to showcase accent colours that give the room a lift and you can also play with textures.


Swap out handles and taps

Nobody notices the effect door handles and taps have on the feel of a bathroom, until you change them! Swapping out old tired handles for new ones which fit your theme and colour scheme is a great way to add a finishing touch to your new and improved bathroom.


Reading materials

You’ll notice a theme throughout some of these tips: use things that are already in your bathroom as decoration. It works for toiletries, it works for towels and shower curtains, and it works for books and magazines!

If you love a bath, chances are you like something to read while you’re soaking up the bubbles. Pick a selection of your favourite reading materials and display them attractively for an elegant yet homey feel.


A treat for all the senses

Make your bathroom a treat for all the senses with some incense to burn while you’re relaxing in the bath. Invest in a radio too for some easy listening while you bathe, and enjoy real tranquillity. They look great too!


Wow with windows

You’ve probably never even thought about changing your window pane before, but it could make all the difference to your bathroom. Why not swap out a plain, boring pane of glass with something softer and more interesting, like a sheet of stained glass instead?

You can pick colours to fit your theme, and really make your bathroom somewhere to relax and unwind.


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