10 ways to make your apartment feel more spacious than a French chateau

10 ways to make your apartment feel more spacious than a French chateau

Size is no longer an issue thanks to these space-saving hacks

Comfort and space are inextricably linked in the home. We all want rooms that allow us to stretch out and unwind, whilst still feeling comfy and cosy. Too little room to move around and it’s very easy to feel constrained and claustrophobic; too much unused space and a room can become impersonal and overwhelming.

A common theme amongst those people considering apartment living is: how to cope with the inevitable accumulation of “stuff”. And the solution lies in understanding the intricacies of interior design and utilising space like a boss!


Hide your storage

Chunky wardrobes, boxes and shelves take up a lot of room, and apartments often don’t come equipped with an under-stairs cupboard to store those odds and ends that everyone collects over time. With this in mind, it’s important to think inside the box.

Think about the furniture you consider essential in your home – a bed, sofas, a coffee table, a footstool, etc. By being savvy with the furniture you choose, these can all double as handy hidden storage spaces that don’t take up any more room than regular furniture would. A coffee table with a lifting lid is particularly handy for storing trinkets while a bed base with in-built storage can hold anything from towels and bedding to clothes and toys.


Consider your paint options carefully

Decorating a space isn’t just about choosing your favourite colour and splashing it all over the walls; it’s important to think about utilising the natural light in your apartment to your advantage. A light, bright room will always feel more spacious than one with dull, dark colours. It’s a well-known fact that darker shades like black, navy and burgundy can make a room feel smaller and more compact, while white and pastels can create the illusion of more room.


Hang your curtains in a new way

One of the handiest tips for creating the illusion of space is rethinking the way you hang your curtains. That’s right, hanging your curtains from the ceiling instead of from the top of your windows gives a room the illusion of height and depth, making it feel bigger.

You should also pay attention to the kind of curtains you incorporate in your living room or bedroom. Heavy, dark curtains made from dense fabrics will drown out a room, while a lighter, thinner option will complement a modern apartment space much more effectively.


Steer away from clutter

The easiest way to make your apartment feel more spacious is pretty much self explanatory? Don’t fill it with clutter.

When you’re dealing with a smaller space, it’s even more important to consider the furniture and décor you’re including carefully. Cast a critical eye over the décor and knick-knacks you have out on display: how much does each individual piece mean to you? What does it add to the space? Is it necessary?

This is particularly important around your windows. Elaborate window treatments may look pretty, but they also cost you much needed light, making your apartment feel duller and smaller as a result.


Go big and tall with your headboard

Most of us probably don’t think about our headboard all that much. But the colour, texture and size of your bed’s crowning area can have a huge impact. Try opting for a taller headboard to add a vertical element to your décor and increase the illusion of space in the bedroom (much like the height of your curtains, as mentioned above).


Let your furniture breathe

Pay close attention to the way you position the furniture in your apartment, and be wary of clumping things too close together and creating a cluttered effect. Leaving space around your furniture will give it room to breathe, so try to avoid the impulse to push chairs and sofas against the wall.

If you’re in an apartment with an open plan design, try arranging your furniture in sections so that you have some more distinct areas to enjoy while still reaping the rewards of an open space.


Learn to use your walls

No matter how big or small your floorspace is, you always have the option of using your walls for functional and decorative means. Choosing wall-mounted options rather than free-standing pieces is a great space saver, whether it’s a television, a mirror or choosing shelves over bookcases.

You can also add some much needed life and colour to your apartment using wall art, which is a great way to decorate without using up floorspace.


Get to know reflective materials

Reflecting light is a simple way to make your apartment feel brighter and bigger. Explore the option of using reflective materials in your furniture choices like metallic, lacquer, glass and lucite, as these will fill your apartment with light and give it the illusion of a much larger space.

Also, be sure to include as many mirrors as is sensibly possible in your décor. Not only will light bounce off them, but having reflections of your apartment around can act as an even more powerful method of creating the illusion of space.


Size down your furniture

And finally, it might sound obvious but you can’t knock the effect of choosing smaller items of furniture for your apartment. Whether it’s dining chairs, wardrobes, drawers or end tables, go for pieces which will fit nicely in your apartment without taking up too much space.

If you do want to include some larger items of furniture — like a sofa or a dining table — make it a statement piece. Surrounding it with smaller items will make it stand out more and give it greater impact than if it was just another piece in a room cluttered with heavy furniture.


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