10 ways to make a great first impression with your entryway

10 ways to make a great first impression with your entryway

From prints and patterns to paintwork and plants, here’s how to dazzle your guests from the get-go

From job interviews to social gatherings, we all like to make a good first impression. But what about when it comes to your home?

Your entryway sets the tone for your home overall, so it’s important to invest in great design. That way, family, friends and guests are welcomed with the right first impression.

Thankfully, transforming your entryway doesn’t have to cost you dearly in terms of time and money. Here are our picks for ten simple ways to spruce up your entryway.


Sunny shades

The right colour can liven up even the smallest or darkest space. Yellow is such a happy and vibrant colour, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to add an element of fun to their home. Introduce one or two bold pops of colour to make things lively.

Fantastic florals

Gone are the days of frumpy floral patterns. Today’s dark and moody alternatives feel effortlessly cool and trendy, instantly elevating the look of an accent wall or lampshade. Pair with rich and dark tones for an even more dramatic space.

Wonderful wall art

A commanding piece of wall art is the perfect solution when you are trying to make the right impression. Whether it’s a painting, a print or a wall sculpture, art acts as a talking point while also bringing character and colour into the room.

Pretty plants

If in doubt, add greenery. This is a good rule of thumb in all interior design, but especially in your entryway. Plants and flowers are universally loved and can make a space feel instantly brighter and fresher.

Curated consoles

A console table is the perfect piece of furniture for the hallway. It’s slim, and offers both surface and storage space. You can also hang a mirror or piece of art above it to create an eye-catching unit; the perfect centrepiece for your entryway.

Nifty neutrals

Light and neutral tones never go out of style, so consider keeping the palette of your entryway fairly simple. Whites, greys and beiges always feel classy, and pair well with gold or silver accents. This will also help any pops of colour you add really stand out.

Radiant rugs

What you do with your floor is equally important as what you do with your walls. A rug is a fantastic addition to any space, instantly making your home feel cosier and more inviting. Look for patterns and colours that complement the space and reflect your own personal style.

Charming chandeliers

We tend to think of chandeliers as something that’s reserved for grand manor houses and palaces, but these luxurious lights come in all shapes and sizes. Even a small chandelier can act as a focal point for visitors as they step over the threshold and into your home.

Magnificent mirrors

Mirrors are magical. By reflecting light, they can make any space feel larger and brighter. Hanging a large mirror can make a slim entryway feel wider, while also providing the opportunity to add a stylish piece of wall furniture.

Sociable seating

Think outside the box when it comes to your entryway. It doesn’t just have to be somewhere you pass through – it can also be somewhere you actually spend time in. With a couple of cosy chairs and a bookcase, you can create a welcoming little nook for you and your guests to enjoy.

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