10 luxury wallpaper ideas for your home

10 luxury wallpaper ideas for your home

Give your walls some wow-factor with these bold design possibilities

We all know that installing wallpaper isn’t the easiest task, so you really want the design you choose to be worth the effort. The right wallpaper can bring luxury and liveliness to any space, brightening up a bedroom or sprucing up a sitting area. It’s a sure fire way to inject some personality into your home, and create a strong look without using up floorspace.

Whether it’s a feature wall or the whole room, there are endless possibilities when it comes to wallpaper. We’re going to share some of our favourite options of the moment, with 10 terrific wallpaper styles guaranteed to bring elegance and excitement into your living space. Let’s take a look.


Snazzy stripes

Whether horizontal or vertical striped wallpaper designs can create the illusion of space and height. They also create a bold overall effect which is dictated by the width of the stripes and the colours of the design.

Palm patterns

Tropical prints make your home feel warm and sunny all year round, while also bringing an element of fun. Palm tree prints are a whimsical way to bring a touch of luxury to a living area or dining room. Lush green prints work particularly well with dark woods and brass accessories.

Blue blooms

For something a bit different in the floral category, try opting for blue tones on your flowery designs. These designs make your walls feel both thoroughly contemporary and a little bit antique, adding a relaxing note to any space.

Golden glow

There is no colour more decadent than gold. In a luxury space like the dining room, gold wallpaper can really elevate the look and feel of the room, making it feel extra special. Pair your wallpaper with attractive artwork and a statement chandelier and you’ve got the perfect setting for dinner parties.

Bold botanicals

Our natural world is full of beautiful plants and flowers, so why not celebrate them with beautiful botanical wallpaper prints. Nature-inspired décor feels both energising and relaxing, and pairs perfectly with real-life greenery dotted throughout the space.

Fabulous fabric

For a really bold look, consider fabric wallpapers that match the upholstery used elsewhere in the room. This brings a cohesiveness and synergy to your home which makes it feel like a very deliberate style. Be sure to break up the flow every now and then with a pop of bold colour.

Whimsical woodland

Woodland wallpaper is a darker twist on classic botanicals and florals. Usually appearing in deeper tones like navy or emerald green, these designs combine images trees, leaves, flowers and birds to make a room feel like a completely different world.

Wistful watercolours

Blots and pools of bright colours create interesting shapes and patterns on watercolour wallpapers, which work particularly well in the master bedroom. This laidback luxury vibe pairs beautifully with a statement bedspread and colourful rug.

Groovy geometrics

Geometrics feel both retro and modern, making them a really interesting choice for any space. Try introducing a geometric wallpaper print onto a feature wall in your living space for a fun, controlled look.

Masterful monochrome

Using only black and white is already a bold choice, but put it against an exciting wallpaper print and you’ve got something which is sure to catch the eye. A monochromatic wallpaper looks particularly good when acting as the backdrop to a colourful piece of statement furniture, like a canary yellow couch.

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